z.t. 70x110 cm Combined feelings 125x110 cm de wind 80x100 cm far and beyond 110x150 cm female is watching 170x125 cm for all there being 80x100 cm Forerunner in the dessert 105x105 cm kamatsu 80x100 cm Sacrefice for mankind 110x130 cm z.t. 40-60 cm 04 09


Beyond doubt 35-35cm Devine and Earthly 110-170 cm falling from nature 125-170 cm Fruits of grace I 25-30 cm Mind set 70-100 cm Remembrant II 25-35 cm remembrant IV 25-35 cm The use of shadow 1 145-155 cm to keep your saintly head 80-100 cm without falling 60-40cm z.t. 25-30cm z.t. 45-55 cm